Sudo version 1.6.2p1 now available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Mon Jan 31 17:18:34 EST 2000

Sudo version 1.6.2 patchlevel 1 is now available (ftp sites listed at the end).

This patch fixes the following problems:

 o Sudo was overriding users' PATH environment variable when the
   'secure-path' option was set even when they were in the 'exempt' group.

 o HP-UX 11.0 using PAM does not need to link with -ldl.

 o Run-time options lacked sufficient documentation.

Sudo web site:

Master FTP sites:

FTP Mirrors: (Falls Church, Virginia, USA) (Beltsville, Maryland, USA) (West Lafayette, Indiana, USA) (Bloomington, Indiana, USA) (College Station, Texas, USA) (Rochester, New York, USA) (Canada) (Great Britain) (Makati City, Philippines) (Hong Kong) (Poland) (Austria) (Czechoslovakia) (Finland) (France) (Russia) (Sweden) (Germany) (Taiwan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan)

Master WWW site:

WWW Mirrors: (Austria) (Japan) (Japan)

Note that mirror sites may take a while to update.

 - todd
     Todd C. Miller    Sysadmin/Consultant     Todd.Miller at

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