sudo-tools version 1.0 now available

Alek O. Komarnitsky alek at
Mon Mar 27 13:18:20 EST 2000

After seeing Todd's announcement about sudo 1.6.3 being formally released,
I was motivated to increment the version number of the sudo-tools stuff and 
call it an "official" 1.0 release rather than the "Beta" I've used the last
several months. 

sudo-tools includes:
   - sudolog-usage: Slices/dices the sudolog (syslog output from sudo) better 
                    than a Ron-ko-Matic from K-tel and summarizes who used 
                    sudo on what hosts.
   - sudoers-lint:  Slices/dices the sudoers files in various ways so you can 
                    see if any "cruff" has accumulated in there and/or 
                    "orphaned" entries.

They are just two Perl scripts and VERY simple to install/configure/run ... 

You can snarf a tarball from the link off of the sudo home page at:   ->  Sudo Tools
or directly from my web page at:  ->  Misc. Tech Stuff  ->  Sudo Tools

Thanx for the feedback/suggestions/etc. I've gotten the last couple of months 
and more are always welcome.


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