Sudo version 1.6.3 now available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Wed May 10 23:46:04 EDT 2000

Sudo version 1.6.3p1 is now available (ftp sites listed at the end).

Changes since 1.6.3:

 o Fixed a bug that prevented the -H option from being useful.

 o Fixed targetpw, rootpw, and runaspw options when used with non-passwd
   authentication (pam, etc).

 o When the targetpw flag is set, use the target username as part
   of the timestamp path.  This means you need to authenticate for
   each user you run commands as.

Sudo web site:

Master FTP sites:

FTP Mirrors: (Falls Church, Virginia, USA) (Beltsville, Maryland, USA) (West Lafayette, Indiana, USA) (Bloomington, Indiana, USA) (College Station, Texas, USA) (Rochester, New York, USA) (Canada) (Great Britain) (Makati City, Philippines) (Hong Kong) (Poland) (Austria) (Czechoslovakia) (Finland) (France) (France) (Russia) (Sweden) (Germany) (Taiwan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan)

Master WWW site:

WWW Mirrors: (Rochester, New York, USA) (Austria) (Russia) (Japan) (Japan)

Note that mirror sites may take a while to update.

 - todd
     Todd C. Miller    Sysadmin/Consultant     Todd.Miller at

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