Sudo version 1.6.7p5 now available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Fri May 9 16:25:28 EDT 2003

Sudo version 1.6.7p5 is now available (mirrors listed at the end).

Changes since Sudo 1.6.7p4:
 o Fixed a typo that caused a compilation error on Heimdal.

 o Darwin (MacOS X) doesn't have a real setreuid() system call.

 o Fixed a problem with large numbers of environment variables.

Master WWW site:

WWW Mirrors: (Los Angeles, California, USA) (Fanwood, New Jersey, USA) (Australia) (Russia)

FTP Mirrors: (Boulder, Colorado, USA) (Los Angeles, California, USA) (Falls Church, Virginia, USA) (Beltsville, Maryland, USA) (West Lafayette, Indiana, USA) (Bloomington, Indiana, USA) (College Station, Texas, USA) (Rochester, New York, USA) (Australia) (Austria) (Alberta, Canada) (Hong Kong, China) (Czechoslovakia) (Great Britain) (France) (Germany) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Russia) (Russia) (Sweden) (Taiwan) (Turkey)

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