[sudo-announce] Sudo version 1.6.9p13 now available

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Thu Feb 21 07:01:47 EST 2008

Sudo version 1.6.9p13 is now available.

Major changes since Sudo 1.6.9p12:

 o Sudo will now set the nproc resource limit to unlimited on Linux
   systems to work around Linux's setuid() resource limit semantics.
   On PAM systems the resource limits will be reset by pam_limits.so
   before the command is executed.

 o SELinux support that can be used to implement role based access
   control (RBAC).  A role and (optional) type may be specified
   in sudoers or on the command line.  These are then used in the
   security context that the command is run as.

 o Fixed a Kerberos 5 compilation problem with MIT Kerberos.

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