[sudo-announce] sudo 1.8.19p2 released

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Sat Jan 14 06:33:24 MST 2017

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Sudo version 1.8.19p2 is now available, this is a bug fix release.


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Major changes between sudo 1.8.19p2 and 1.8.19p1:

 * Fixed a crash in visudo introduced in sudo 1.8.9 when an IP address
   or network is used in a host-based Defaults entry.  Bug #766

 * Added a missing check for the ignore_iolog_errors flag when
   the sudoers plugin generates the I/O log file path name.

 * Fixed a typo in sudo's vsyslog() replacement that resulted in
   garbage being logged to syslog.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.19p1 and 1.8.19:

 * Fixed a bug introduced in sudo 1.8.19 that resulted in the wrong
   syslog priority and facility being used.

Major changes between sudo 1.8.19 and 1.8.18p1:

 * New "syslog_maxlen" Defaults option to control the maximum size of
   syslog messages generated by sudo.

 * Sudo has been run against PVS-Studio and any issues that were
   not false positives have been addressed.

 * I/O log files are now created same group ID as the parent directory
   and not the invoking user's group ID.

 * I/O log permissions and ownership are now configurable via the
   "iolog_mode", "iolog_user" and "iolog_group" sudoers Defaults

 * Fixed configuration of the sudoers I/O log plugin debug subsystem.
   Previously, I/O log information was not being written to the
   sudoers debug log.

 * Fixed a bug in visudo that broke editing of files in an include
   dir that have a syntax error.  Normally, visudo does not edit
   those files, but if a syntax error is detected in one, the user
   should get a chance to fix it.

 * Warnings about unknown or unparsable sudoers Defaults entries now
   include the file and line number of the problem.

 * Visudo will now use the file and line number information about an
   unknown or unparsable Defaults entry to go directly to the file
   with the problem.

 * Fixed a bug in the sudoers LDAP back-end where a negated sudoHost
   entry would prevent other sudoHost entries following it from matching.

 * Warnings from visudo about a cycle in an Alias entry now include the
   file and line number of the problem.

 * In strict mode, visudo will now use the file and line number
   information about a cycle in an Alias entry to go directly to the
   file with the problem.

 * The sudo_noexec.so file is now linked with -ldl on systems that
   require it for the wordexp() wrapper.

 * Fixed linking of sudo_noexec.so on macOS systems where it must be
   a dynamic library and not a module.

 * Sudo's "make check" now includes a test for sudo_noexec.so

 * The sudo front-end now passes the user's umask to the plugin.
   Previously the plugin had to determine this itself.

 * Sudoreplay can now display the stdin and ttyin streams when they
   are explicitly added to the filter list.

 * Fixed a bug introduced in sudo 1.8.17 where the "all" setting
   for verifypw and listpw was not being honored.  Bug #762.

 * The syslog priority (syslog_goodpri and syslog_badpri) can now
   be negated or set to "none" to disable logging of successful or
   unsuccessful sudo attempts via syslog.



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