[sudo-cvs] CVS commit: sudo

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Wed Nov 21 15:12:02 EST 2007

Module Name:	sudo
Committed By:	millert
Date:		Wed Nov 21 20:12:01 UTC 2007

Modified Files:
	sudo: WHATSNEW check.c def_data.in defaults.c gram.c gram.h gram.y
	    ldap.c logging.c match.c mon_systrace.c parse.c parse.h pwutil.c
	    set_perms.c sudo.c sudo.cat sudo.h sudo.man.in sudo.pod
	    sudo_usage.h.in sudoers.cat sudoers.man.in sudoers.pod
	    testsudoers.c toke.c visudo.c visudo.cat visudo.man.in

Log Message:
Add support for runas groups.  This allows the user to run a command
with a different effective group.  If the -g option is specified
without -u the command will be run as the current user (only the
group will change).  the -g and -u options may be used together.
TODO: implement runas group for ldap
      improve runas group documentation
      add testsudoers support

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -r1.5 -r1.6 sudo/WHATSNEW
cvs rdiff -r1.238 -r1.239 sudo/check.c
cvs rdiff -r1.24 -r1.25 sudo/def_data.in
cvs rdiff -r1.65 -r1.66 sudo/defaults.c
cvs rdiff -r1.23 -r1.24 sudo/gram.c
cvs rdiff -r1.6 -r1.7 sudo/gram.h
cvs rdiff -r1.26 -r1.27 sudo/gram.y
cvs rdiff -r1.58 -r1.59 sudo/ldap.c
cvs rdiff -r1.190 -r1.191 sudo/logging.c
cvs rdiff -r1.32 -r1.33 sudo/match.c
cvs rdiff -r1.39 -r1.40 sudo/mon_systrace.c sudo/parse.h sudo/sudo.man.in
cvs rdiff -r1.213 -r1.214 sudo/parse.c
cvs rdiff -r1.15 -r1.16 sudo/pwutil.c
cvs rdiff -r1.38 -r1.39 sudo/set_perms.c
cvs rdiff -r1.446 -r1.447 sudo/sudo.c
cvs rdiff -r1.50 -r1.51 sudo/sudo.cat
cvs rdiff -r1.245 -r1.246 sudo/sudo.h
cvs rdiff -r1.102 -r1.103 sudo/sudo.pod
cvs rdiff -r1.1 -r1.2 sudo/sudo_usage.h.in
cvs rdiff -r1.67 -r1.68 sudo/sudoers.cat
cvs rdiff -r1.59 -r1.60 sudo/sudoers.man.in
cvs rdiff -r1.135 -r1.136 sudo/sudoers.pod
cvs rdiff -r1.117 -r1.118 sudo/testsudoers.c
cvs rdiff -r1.18 -r1.19 sudo/toke.c
cvs rdiff -r1.210 -r1.211 sudo/visudo.c
cvs rdiff -r1.35 -r1.36 sudo/visudo.cat
cvs rdiff -r1.25 -r1.26 sudo/visudo.man.in

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