[sudo-commits] sudo changeset 13730:8c6eaa503793

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at sudo.ws
Tue Jan 18 15:40:42 MST 2022

changeset:	13730:8c6eaa503793 in /raid/repos/sudo
details:	https://www.sudo.ws/repos/sudo/rev/8c6eaa503793
user:		Todd C. Miller <Todd.Miller at sudo.ws>
date:		Tue Jan 18 15:38:57 2022 -0700

Log Message:
	Don't set/run early Defaults if a custom defaults_list is specified.
	Defaults settings passed in by the front end are already "early"
	so there is no need to treat any of them as special.

	Otherwise, we end up running the early defaults callbacks before
	sudoers has been parsed.  This means that, for instance, it is not
	possible to disable the fqdn flag before its callback is run if
	sudo is build with the --with-fqdn option.  Bug #1016.


 plugins/sudoers/defaults.c |  62 +++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
 1 files changed, 35 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)

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