Fwd: Access to vi a file?

George Meharry II gmeharry at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 6 08:33:22 EDT 2000

Hey there Ryan ...

Assuming that you want to give access to a specific
file, there are a couple of ways to go about this ...

one is a straight command:
/usr/bin/vi path_to_file/file_name

Another is a variation:
/usr/bin/vi path_to_file/?*

This one will let the user edit any file located in a
specific directory ...

Another version could look like:
/usr/bin/vi path_to_subdirectory_tree/*/?*

This last version could be "dangerous" since it would
allow a user to edit any file in a specific
subdirectory tree.

On the down side to all three examples, the user must
provide the full path to the file.

As a final thought, you could simply allow the user
/usr/bin/vi file_name

This could be an acceptable version since the user
wouldn't need to provide the patht to the file. YOU
SHOULD KEEP IN MIND that "file name" shouldn't be a
special UNIX file (ex. passwd, shadow, system,
defaults, .rhosts, sudoers :-], ect.). You wouldn't
even want to think what could happen :-)


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