Do you know about this ?

kamala kamala at
Thu Apr 6 17:24:39 EDT 2000

That I compile sudo1.6.3 on an Hp 10.20 model 9000/820/D380 (

(our application and Nfs server )  and it works fine on
Hp workstation model 9000/780/C160  and  9000/770/J200  ( we have
80 of them? .

BUT BUT  on Hp workstation model 9000/778/B132L and  /712/60
and /778/B160L ...It wont even run . I am getting this error message :

 and unfortunately  we have 68 of those oldies !!!!

I talk to HP support this morning and  their response was that
a program that  is compiled on a
PA-RISC 2.0 plattform (this case is D380)  cannot be run on a workstation with
an older architechture  PA-RISC 1.1 . ... :(

I was advised to compiled with option  +DAportable , which i did but still
having the same errror message .
I  wish i could solve this without more wrapper , we got enough of them here

So I  am definetly not getting  SUDO  working  this friday .Life can be hard
some time .


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