chown and chgrp access problems?

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Thu Apr 13 21:59:44 EDT 2000

In message <001501bfa59b$be8ba540$1e35f3c6 at>
	so spake "Kelly Koehn" (kellyk):

> I just installed sudo 1.6.3 over here on one of my servers and I am =
> giving chown, chgrp, and passwd access to the webmaster to deal with =
> customer webpage issues.  I have it so that sudo will recognize his =
> account but when I try to do anything outside of his home directory I =
> get the following message:
> $ chown root cam.jpg
> chown: cam.jpg: Operation not permitted
> $
> Why am I getting this error?  Any help will be listened to!

Because you need to say:

    sudo chown root cam.jpg

 - todd

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