User Profile access

Scott Barrett sbarrett at
Fri Apr 14 16:32:50 EDT 2000

I have Sudo 1.6.2p3  running on  Solaris 2.6. Most things work correctly, but I
am trying to allow a non oracle user to access and run an oracle command and as
such I need to pick up the ORACLE_SID.  I have an oracle  user account that has
the SID set in its profile during login as well as some other environment
variables. I have another user prodctl that needs to execute a command as the
oracle user.  I would expect that sudo -u oracle cmd would take the prodctl user
to the oracle user and read the .profile from the oracle user thus setting the
environment up.  But this does not happen.  Is there a flag that I am missing or
is this not possible.  The end result is that the prodctl user does not have the
environment information that the oracle user has and the command ultimately
fails because of this. Below is the section of my sudoers file showing the
controls that I have setup.

   Runas_Alias  DBA=oracle
   prodctl           ALL=(DB)/opt/oracle/bin/svrmgrl

Thanks for any help in this matter.

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