Distributing the SUDOERS file

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Tue Apr 25 08:59:06 EDT 2000

In message <09C126E27F3ED211961600A0C9D61279748D3D at NC9V0>
	so spake "Wolfs, Lucien" (l.l.g.m.wolfs):

> I'm having som troubles distributing the SUDOERS file.. Well, the
> distributing is no
> problem, but when I, after distributing the sudoers file, start visudo to
> check if
> all the modifications have been made, I see the file prior to the
> modifications.
> VI says that I'm editting /etc/sudoers.tmp. I distributed the /etc/sudoers
> (no .tmp).
> Can anybody tell me how I can  distribute the file so the changes will be
> activated ?
> (The example from the courtesan site using rdist doesn't work for me (see
> above) ).

/etc/sudoers.tmp is just a temporary copy of /etc/sudoers that
visudo makes.  Are you *sure* that sudoers is getting idstributed
properly?  It sure doesn't sound like it.  One thing to do is to
checksum sudoers on both the client and the server with the sum ,
cksum, or md5 command (depending on which you have).

 - todd

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