Sudden'y getting error from sudo

Paul Lussier pll at
Wed Aug 2 12:03:45 EDT 2000

Hi all,

I've been using sudo for months now with the sudoers file NFS mounted in
/usr/local/etc.  Suddenly I'm now getting this error:

	$ sudo ls 
	sudo: can't open /usr/local/etc/sudoers: Input/output error

Any idea what could be causing this?  The file system recently got re-exported 
with 'root_squash" turned on (was off previously), though my workstation has 
it exported with 'no_root_squash'.  

I'm running:

	Sudo version 1.6.3	
	RH Linux 6.1
	Kernel 2.2.16

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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