autofs mounts always get mounted on sudo. why ?

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Tue Aug 8 13:14:42 EDT 2000

Thanks for the reply. It has helped somewhat, but I still have some mounts that 
are being made. For example, I have set my PATH to "", and execute the 
   /opt/sudo/bin/sudo /usr/bin/su -
and after becoming root, a bdf still shows a mount being made. The mount is NOT 
busy, in that I can immediately umount it, but its still a problem for us. Any 
other ideas ?


John Farinelli

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> > We have an environment that uses autofs (dynamic mounts 
> like automount). If I
> >  
> > start with the system where non of the NFS mounts defined 
> in our 
> > file are mounted, then I run sudo, I find that ALL of the 
> mounts are now 
> > mounted. I have checked the PATH variable for the user we 
> are sudo-ing to, an
> > d 
> > find nothing that looks in these locations. Furthermore, if 
> I "su -" to that 
> > user no NFS mounts get put in place.
> You should look at the path of the user that is calling sudo. 
>  Sudo will
> search the user's path looking for the executable to run...
>  - todd

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