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Wed Aug 16 12:03:22 EDT 2000

Insult does not show in the compiled options. Since I used a RPM, I can't
compile insults into it, or anything else. I tried adding

Defaults  insults

to my sudoers file, but insults didn't show.

I'm wondering, should I remove the rpm and compile my own?


- Ed

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           so spake  (Ed_Janowiak):

> Does the Redhat sudo package 1.6.3p4 contain insults? I've set the
> to Insults but no one is being insulted. Very disappointing.

You can check this by doing:
    sudo -V | grep Insult
as root (or sudo sudo -V | grep Insult if not).

When run by root, the -V flag spits out the defaults and options sudo
was compiled with.

 - todd

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