Question using netgroup and sudo on NCR platform

Navin Jain JainN at
Wed Aug 23 05:00:19 EDT 2000

Hi All,
We are using the sudo version 1.5.9p2 on three platforms via HP-UX 11.0, DEC
OSF1 4.0D and NCR Unix 3.0.2.
Recently we implemented the NIS on the NCR machines. All is working ok with
in NIS, except that in /etc/sudoers
does not recognise any command permission for netgroup.
I will try to explain it by examples:
Let us assume that a user jainn belongs to a netgroup sysadmin.
A line in /etc/sudoers
+sysadmin    ALL=(ALL) ALL
will give permission for all commands to the user jainn on HP-UX and DEC
servers but not NCR Unix.
If we change the sudoers to:
User_Alias    SYSUSER=jainn
every thing works fine on all three platform.
Also, I have noticed that even %group is not working on the NCR platform.
Has any one seem similar problem with NCR Unix.
Any pointers or suggestion are much appreciated.
Thanks in Advance,
Navin Jain
Snr Unix Systems Admin
National Technical Services - Franklins Ltd
Ph. (02) 9722-1370               Fax: 02 9722 1014
mailto:jainN at <mailto:jainN at> 

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