resource hog?

Raphael Bauduin rb at
Thu Aug 24 09:55:58 EDT 2000


Here's my system: Debian 2.2, kernel 2.2.15, sudo 1.6.2p2
When I used the same version on a VA with vakernel, I hadn't the
problem. With version 1.6.3p5 I don't have the problem on this machine.

Thanks, now I know sudo shouldn't use so much resource and that I can
start to deploy it :-)

btw, another question: is it possible to send an e-mail when certain
commands are started with sudo by certain users? (eg su)



"Todd C. Miller" wrote:

> In message <39A511E1.D8E5173E at>
>         so spake Raphael Bauduin (rb):
> > Is it normal sudo uses so much resource?
> No.  What version of sudo is this and what are you running?
> There was a bug similar to this in an old version of sudo...
>  - todd

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