sudo and non-root accounts

Barry Ringuet bringuet at
Fri Feb 4 15:23:30 EST 2000

Yes, in the past I've setup sudo to give select users access to cmds normally
restricted to root, eg., developers needing to change system date.
Now I have a need to restrict access to the rm command for a specific number of
users. I'd like them to be able to use the rm command but have it logged.
Barry Ringuet
mdarnt at wrote:

> Barry, have  you ever used SUDO in the past? I use it to restrict users to
> selected commands and it works well. Let me know if you want examples on how
> to write a sudoers file.
> Matt
> Franklin Covey
> UNIX Consultant
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> > I'd like to take advantage of sudo's logging & restrict specific users
> > access to some commands, most notably rm.
> > Am I correct in thinking that it would be necessary to change
> > permissions on rm to achieve this?
> > Thanks,
> > Barry Ringuet

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