Using Sudo on IRIX64 6.4

COBRIN, Steve, GNW IT Steve.Cobrin at
Wed Feb 9 07:36:49 EST 2000

I'm having problems with sudo running on IRIX (version 6.4),
something's changed, and now I can't get it working. It was 
working happily until recently, but suddenly stopped :-(
(too many administrators spoil the broth!)

I was using 1.5.7p4 but am now trying with 1.6.2p1

The SGI is using NIS and does not use a /etc/shadow file,
the bottom of the /etc/passwd file says +::0:0:::

Whenever I try out a simple command, like "sudo -l", it 
prompts me, but refuses to accept my password.

The following are my configure options

./configure \
	--prefix=/usr/local \
	--sysconfdir=/etc \
	--disable-shadow \
	--with-message=none \
	--with-logging=both \
	--with-logfac=auth \
	--with-ignore-dot \
	--with-passprompt="%u@%h's password: " \
	--with-tty-tickets \
	--enable-log-host \
	--disable-log-wrap \
	--without-lecture \
	--without-tgetpass \

    -- SteveC

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