question about syslog and sudo

jrtietsort jrtietsort at
Tue Feb 22 17:14:29 EST 2000

Greetings, I am new to 'sudo' and this list, so my apologies if this has
already been covered. I couldn't really find much in, so here I am.

I have sudo installed and working.  My first sudoers file is very simple. My
problem is that syslog is logging successful attempts to use 'sudo' on my
loghost, but it isn't logging anything else.  I was under the impression
that it would log each command as it was executed.  Can someone tell me
where I've gone wrong?

J.R. Tietsort

Defaults               syslog=auth

root            ALL = (ALL) ALL
%root          ALL = (ALL) ALL

/etc/syslog.conf:                                       /var/log/user-log
kern.debug                                      /var/adm/messages
daemon.notice                                   /var/adm/messages
cron.notice                                     /var/log/cron-log
*.err                                           /dev/console
*.alert                                         root
*.emerg                                         *
mail.debug      ifdef(`LOGHOST',  /var/log/mail-log,    @loghost)
lpr.notice      ifdef(`LOGHOST',  /var/log/lpr-log,     @loghost)
uucp.debug      ifdef(`LOGHOST',  /var/log/uucp-log,    @loghost)
auth.notice     ifdef(`LOGHOST',  /var/adm/messages,    @loghost)
news.err        ifdef(`LOGHOST',  /var/log/news-log,    @loghost)

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