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Jim Langston jlangston at
Mon Jan 31 14:46:16 EST 2000

Hey folks... I'm new to this list and I'm in the process of setting up sudo
on a couple of my HP systems.  I need to set up a user account with sudo so
that they can log in as another user (non-root account) to run a binary to
copy data from magnetic media to optical media.

Here is the syntax that I use when i visudo:

lanlji1 cadrephx = NOPASSWD: /bin/su - cadre -c arch_img -a

I keep getting a syntax error on this line.  I've even tried to put things
in double quotes after the NOPASSWD: area.  Will sudo allow me to do this
type of action?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Jim Langston
HP Unix Systems Administrator
NPC, Louisville, KY
jlangston at

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