Hiding sudo from sudo users

zahst at act.org zahst at act.org
Tue Jun 13 15:40:30 EDT 2000

     I was wondering if there was a way to allow users to run sudo commands 
     without typing sudo <command> and just type the command instead.  I 
     know it sounds crazy, but here's why.
     I need to allow anyone logged in as user techsupp to be able to run 
     commands in the /usr/etc directory.  Currently they are allowed to run 
     a restart command on another machine, but they don't type sudo 
     restart.  A script was setup that when they type restart, it calls the 
     /usr/local/bin/sudo then the path to the restart command.  The reason 
     for this is security, we don't want them knowing they are accessing 
     things any differently than normal.
     Is there a way that a techsupp user can type the command:
     jbstatus /dev/jb0
     without typing sudo jbstatus /dev/jb0
     If there isn't any easy way to do this, then I'll have to setup 
     separate commands for each command in the /usr/etc directory for them 
     to be able to run.  This I can do, but there's over 100 of them and I 
     really don't have the time.
     All this is being done on an IBM RS/6000.

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