shells and pipes

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Wed Jun 14 13:28:33 EDT 2000


I have a similar problem as you have.  I am currently looking for another
editor (not a line editor because my users would kill me) that will not
allow the user to gain command shell access.

I would be interested in hearing any suggestions, as well.


John Green
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I've got a few questions:

1) How can you stop users from shelling out of such things a vi
   session and starting a new shell as root

2) Redirects and pipes seem to lose the root permissions, anyway
   around this

3) I have aliases configured to do sudi='sudo -u informix', which seems
   to work fine unless I try to use sudi in a shell script.  Am I forced
   to source in this alias with every script I attempt this

This tool is makes it so much easier to work wearing dual hats, like
sys admin and dba.  I can execute one command as root and the next as
Informix, all from my own private user/history etc....!!!  Thanks for
the great utility!


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