Is it possible to make a (self installing) package for sudo?

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Fri Jun 16 14:06:53 EDT 2000

In message <4.1.20000616103814.00bef700 at ce-nfs-1>
	so spake Vihar Chokshi (vchokshi):

> I am trying to configure sudo and then do a distribution of the package onto 
> systems that will NOT have a compiler, for security reasons. Can I make a sel
> f installing package and provide that?

Have a look at the "bindist" target in the Makefile, though you'll
need Makefile.binary and INSTALL.binary files.  You can just grab
one of the binary distributions and copy the Makefile and INSTALL
files therein to Makefile.binary and INSTALL.binary.

 - todd

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