How do I get the syslog messages to output the FQDN in the message?

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Fri Jun 23 12:39:56 EDT 2000

Sudo doesn't add the hostname itself, that is done by syslog itself.
The BSD syslogd does a gethostname(2) and the strips off anything
after the first dot.  I really don't see a good way to fix this for
you short of modifying syslog, or adding another field in the sudo
log line (HOST=foo like for the file-based logging).

 - todd

In message <4.1.20000621161947.00c10700 at ce-nfs-1>
	so spake Vihar Chokshi (vchokshi):

> Currently it only outputs the hostname.
> Thanks.
> Vihar.
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