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Thu Jun 29 10:42:48 EDT 2000

Except for the cd (and any other builtin) you can do this
with my generic sudo wrapper, posted to this mailing
list a month or so ago.


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Subject:  Re: Sudo Shell?

Thanks for the workaround, but it still causes usability problems with
my users.  I'm wondering if the following is possible or if there is
another utility I should look into to do it (basically an "su" that logs
each command):

$ id
joeuser 99
$ sudoshell
-- you are now root with idle timeout in 5 minutes
-- and commands logged like you had issued sudo before each command
# cd /restricted/dir1/dir2/dir3
# pwd
# id
root 0


Paul Lussier wrote:
> In a message dated: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:56:36 CDT
> Chris Covington said:
> >Unfortunately, the files are several directories deep, so it gets
> >tedious to type them each time (and then hard to get the users to agree
> >to use sudo).  Thanks anyway though.
> Hmmmm, how about:
>         > sudo "ls -lR forbidden_dir | less"
> --
> Seeya,
> Paul
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