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my question is intermixed with aspects of the Common Desktop Environment.

Some of "my" sudo-users like to use dtpad, the GUI-based texteditor of the
Common Desktop Environment, because it is easy to use.

After starting this editor with sudo -u myuser dtpad, the editor can be
found in the processlist as child of the User myuser. Therefore the process
should be able to read/write files that are owned by the user myuser and
have permissions like 700 for this user. It seems that dtpad connects (with
tool-talk) the cde-session that belongs to the currently used
X11-Display-Session and checks the permissions of the requested textfile.
The result is that dtpad tells the sudo-user that this file could not be
opened with write-permission. <--- this is just a theory

Using vi (or any other Editor) instead of dtpad does work!

The simplest solution would be, to use another editor (like nedit or asedit)
and to disable the shell-exits of these editors.

But my question: 

Is there any way to use dtpad or the other cde-tools together with sudo?
regards, R. Sattler
Ric Sattler
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