HOW-TO? Stdout redirect

Tom McGivern t.mcgivern at
Mon Mar 13 18:14:49 EST 2000

Ok.. color me stupid... I've tried several, what I thought Obviuos,
variations.. but I can't manage to redirect stdout as the target user.

dogid  ALL=(root) ALL

$ ls -l there
-rwx------- 1 root    root  123 10:47 there     (I just typed this in as
an example, excuse possible format errors)

$ sudo echo hello > there
-- Shell complains I don't have write access to "there"
(the shell only sends "echo hello" to sudo)

$ sudo 'echo hello > there'
 --- Sudo complains that "echo hello > there" command not found

$ sudo echo hello \> there
 hello > there

How do I create/append the "there" file, as root user??

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