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Bryan L. Nylander bryan_nylander at
Tue Mar 14 11:49:09 EST 2000

Hello all,
 Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bryan Nylander. I go by the
Internet Nick Blkwolf.

 The reason for writing you.
 I am looking at using SUDO within our company. I have used sudo for
several years now but nothing at a industry level. There are some
answers I have been looking for (unsuccessfully up to this point)

 I am interested if any of you know where I could find some of these
answers at (if this is not the right place)

     1> /etc/sudoers distribution over several Unix systems.

          I am looking at providing a way for our SysAdmins to
          manage a centralized /etc/sudoers file. We are
          looking at having 1 common sudoers file that all
          systems will have locally. The problem starts when
          we change the master copy of the sudoers file, how
          do we go about getting that copy across multiple
          system (namely 120 unix boxes)

          Has rdist or NIS been used for this by any other

     2> using wild card characters within Cmnd_Alias

          While building this common sudoers file, I find that
          there are several ways to spawn a shell. Some of
          those include running the sgi's winterm or aix's
          xterm. For things such as csh and sh, they can be
          located in different areas on different systems and
          different systems types. I am trying to find a way
          to successfully provide a command while using a wild
          card for the directory path.

          I want to be able to exclude all commands regardless
          of file system location whose name is xterm (for

          The following like does not work:

          Cmnd_Alias XTERM=/*/xterm

          Sudo translates that as any command that is under a
          single directory from root.

If this is not the right place for these questions just let me know.
Thank you all for your time,

Bryan L. Nylander
Systems Administrations
Output Technology Solutions

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