Greetings from the great beyond...

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Wed Mar 15 08:54:57 EST 2000

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> > >           Has rdist or NIS been used for this by any other
> > >           Co.?
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> > Rdist works fine for us - see my presentation available at the sudo home 
> > page or at:
> >   ->  Misc. Tech Stuff
> > 
> > alek
> Good slides Alek.

Thanx ... I hope they are helpful for folks ... I tried to show
how sudo is used in a real-world environment situation.

BTW, I should say we rdist to about 120 "Servers" which then provide
the sudoers file via NFS to 1,000+ clients ... but only ONE golden
sudoers file everywhere. Was a bit of work "getting there" ...   ;-)
and that's why I wrote "sudo-tools" (sudoers-line and sudo-usage) to
try to keep the sudoers file semi-clean.

I also meant to add that I don't believe sudo has the capability to
have the sudoers file via NIS - I think this is on Todd's todo list
for version 2.0 (i.e. someday!  ;-) ... pls correct if wrong Todd.

> For the "passwords in the clear" problem, I'd
> suggest ssh.  But that's another topic/mailing list.

Oh yeah!!!!!   ;-)


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