Questions about hosts!

Rodrigo de Bem (VetorialNet) rodrigo_vet at
Fri Mar 17 06:52:46 EST 2000

Hi all,

	I have sudo in a machine of my network, and now I want install in
	I read the instructions for configuration of sudoers for
restrictions in hosts. For example :
	Host_Alias TEST =
	rodrigo_vet TEST=ALL

	The sudo is installed in With this configuration I
can only run commands from this hosts. OK!
	But if I change the alias:

	Host_Alias TEST = (other host of my network)

	I have also sudo installed in this machine, but where I'll run my
	My sudoers in is empty. How can I have restrictions
in with configurations in sudoers in 200,.256.180.1 ?

	I have sudo 1.5.9p1 in a hosts and 1.6.2p3, and my OS is Linux.

	Sorry about my english, and tanks for any help!

							[]s, Rodrigo.

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