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Wed Mar 22 12:07:54 EST 2000

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	so spake "bee cee" (beecee101):

> 1. Does sudo support wildcard  for hostnames. i.e. if I have
> two hosts and, can I specify
> Host_Alias   DarSvr=dar*

> 2. When a user who doesnt have access uses sudo, it gives a message
> "<user> is not allowed to run sudo on <hostname>. This incident will be 
> reported."
> How can I have an email sent to me when someone uses sudo who doesnt have 
> access.

Assuming you are running sudo >= 1.6 you can set the "mail_no_host"
option in a defaults line in /etc/sudoers.  Eg.

    Defaults mail_no_host

 - todd

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