Bug in Default runas_default

Bryan L. Nylander bryan_nylander at ibs.uscs.com
Wed Mar 29 12:45:08 EST 2000

Hello again,

I DL and compiled sudo 1.6.3 which was released last Sunday.

Is Defaults setup to use netgroups for users?

I setup in my /etc/sudoers file the following

     Defaults:+operations runas_default=ops2

When I run sudo via an account that is not part of the +operations
netgroup, it runs all commands as ops2.

I then tried to setup a User_Aliase to see if it dealt with it

     User_Aliase OPS_NG = +operator
     Defaults:OPS_NG runas_default=ops2

Same results.

Is this a bug or am I over looking something?

Bryan L. Nylander

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