sudo problem with csh

Wright, Richard RWright at
Thu Mar 30 11:26:54 EST 2000

I just installed sudo on my HP-UX 11.00 system. The sudo command works good
when in ksh. 
In csh I have to type "/opt/sudo/bin/sudo" to get it to work. If I just type
"sudo", I get a "not found" error. I can then enter "type sudo" and the full
pathname is returned.

I have verified my /etc/PATH.
I have verified permissions on /opt/sudo/bin/sudo which are ---s--x--x root

I have what I believe is a work around. I created a symbolic link with "ln
-s /opt/sudo/bin/sudo /opt/sudo/sbin/sudo" and now it works. (NOTE: sbin vs.
bin)  According to the "ln" man page, there is no problem with having 777
permissions on the link. 
Quote from "man ln"...
"Symbolic links are created with the ownership of the creator and the
permissions are of the creator's current umask.  Once created, the symbolic
link ownership and permissions will not change, since the  mode and
ownership of the symbolic link is ignored by the system."

Please let me know if you can shed some light on the cause of this problem,
or if you have a solution or a better work around.


Richard Wright
Hussmann, Corp

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