how to setup /bin/kill entry

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Mon May 1 19:42:13 EDT 2000

I'm not a sudo expert but from what I have been reading on this list a
wrapper seems like the best solution.  You could something as simple as the

#! /usr/bin/sh
if [ $2 -gt 100 ]
   exec sudo kill $1 $2

This example relies on the user to supply two command line arguments (i.e..
kill -9 pid).  You could of course check for the number of arguments and
handle the various possibilities.  

You could also incorporate this script into a generic wrapper as explained
by Mathew Hannigan via this list last week (also does a great job explaining
how to handle the PATH var).  Just check the $0 argument for the kill
command and take the appropriate action.

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Hi all,

How can I setup a sudo entry to allow a user to kill any process whose
pid is greater than 100?

I am thinking of something like:    /usr/bin/kill, !/usr/bin/kill

Any thoughts...

Thank you,


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