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	so spake "Steve Carter" (stevec):

> I am new to sudo, I am looking for a way to have the log files put in a =
> different file and placed in a different dir.  Any help would be great.

By default sudo logs via syslog and so you can just change syslog.conf,
create the new log file, and sent syslogd a SIGHUP.  There is information
on sudo and syslog in the TROUBLESHOOTING file included with sudo.  Also,
newer versions of sudo include a sample.syslog.conf with example entries.

If you are using file logging with sudo < 1.6 you need to recompile
to change the log file path.  With sudo >= 1.6 you can set the
path in the sudoers file itself with something like:
    Defaults logfile=/var/log/sudo.log
the sudoers man page has more information.

 - todd

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