Sudoers in the NIS Maps

Bryan Hodgson bhodgson at
Fri May 26 12:19:17 EDT 2000

What works for us is to pass around the sudoer's file via an NIS automount
file ... e.g.

# auto.master
/users		auto.home		-soft
/usr/common		auto.common		-soft

# auto.common
lib			hostname:/usr/common/lib
motd			hostname:/usr/common/motd

We tuck the sudoer's file in hostname:/usr/common/lib, make a /usr/common
directory on each host and then fire up the automounter, and then compile
sudo for each OS with ./configure --sysconfdir=/usr/common/lib (we're still
using 1.5.4 ... I don't know if syntax changed with later versions.)

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I have setup my nismaps to include the sudoers file, does anybody know how I
can get sudo to use the NIS map rather than search the local /etc directory
for the sudoers file?



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