Changed root password and no su works...

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Sun May 28 11:49:25 EDT 2000

Well, I'm not sure what this really has to do with sudo.  The ability
to su to root is independent of anything sudo does, unless you are
talking about using sudo to su.  On BSD systems, only users in group
wheel may su to root but most non-BSD OSes don't have this restriction.

 - todd

In message <01be01bfc865$7baab3a0$0f911a26 at tim>
	so spake "Tim Watson" (tiwason):

> OK. I'm new to sudo here and have searched everything I can and found no
> answer to this...
> I was playing around with sudo and think I had it working the way I wanted
> it to....
> then I went and changed the root password.....  now everyone can just su to
> root...
> What did I do... and what do I need to do to get it back to how it was....
> Many thanks....
> Tim W
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