richard_bergo at richard_bergo at
Thu Nov 9 11:56:04 EST 2000

Hello !

I have just recently installed sudo on our production backup servers at
work. I have had sudo in place now for about 2 weeks. I installed the
precompiled version with the binaries already in place  using pkgadd. When
I edit the /etc/sudoers file I am using, of course, visudo. I have recently
been getting the following error after editing the /etc/sudoers file:
"fatal flex scanner error - - end of buffer missed" or "bus error".  I go
back and check spelling and sytax in the sudoers file and everything looks
OK.  Is it OK to use tabs in the sudoers file?   In order to correct the
problem I usually have to remove my new entries in the /etc/sudoers file.

Any ideas on what could be causing these errors?



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