LD_LIBRARY_PATH, Solaris 2.6 and sudo

Justin Ream justin.ream at towerhealth.com
Wed Nov 15 16:23:18 EST 2000

Would that work?  That seems fairly obvious, but then again, does not sudo
disregard any LD_* environment variables?


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Do you means something like creating a shell script, putting in the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc, and invocation of Sybase and have SUDO give them
access to that script instead?


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     I've recently ran in to problem involving a solution (why does it
work that way?) for a group of Sybase programmers at my work.
     What I did was install sudo for them so they could run Sybase as root.
I didn't learn until too late that sudo obliterates the LD_*environment
variables, which makes sense, but kind of blows me out of the water because
the libraries needed to run these commands are not installed under
I guess I could symlink all those libraries to that directory, but I'd
rather not.
     As a disclaimer, I would like to note I'm fairly new to the Sys V
world, I
came from a background of Linux and BSD.  I was wondering if there was
something like ldconfig that creates links and caches like ldconfig?  Or is
there some other way to get sudo to run and look against those library


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