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ayse at ayse at
Tue Oct 3 18:18:13 EDT 2000

Replying  to my own e-mail, the following script, given to me by
a colleague, I guess could do what I was looking for 

 Line for sudos config file
 shell        /local/bin/ ;

 	/bin/rm -f /tmp/$$
 	/bin/script /tmp/$$
 	/bin/logger -p local4.notice -t shell -f /tmp/$$
 	/bin/rm -f /tmp/$$
Any comments !!


On Wed, 4 Oct 2000 ayse at wrote:

> Hi, a newbie here.
> I read a little on sudo last night and was wondering if sudo
> has the capability of recording a session, very much like
> the unix program script.
> This would be very useful to us at least when root shell
> is executed.
> Many thanks in advance
> Regards,
> ayse
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