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Or another idea still ....

Have "point people" be responsible for their primary
groups ... Say that I belong to a group named agtfof
and have been designated the "group owner". In the
aliases file on our mail server there is a line that
says ...


The ownership of this file is 664 and the ownership is

Now to administer this "alias" file, I don't have to
be logged into the mailhost, I don't have to be root,
nor do I have to run newalias each time a change is
made to agtfof.malias. All I have to have is access to
the agtfof group and be logged into a machine that is
mounting the "alias" directory.

There is a pitfall to this - when a user account is
removed - there is potential to have bogus entries in
the included alias files; so we have also set up a
cron job to monitor these files.

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