sudo problem

pallavi krishnamurthy pallavi_jene at
Mon Oct 30 01:01:21 EST 2000

	Sorry to mail you wrong configuration earlier. 
This is the configuration for guest,but as guest i typed
vim its entering into vim and same with other commands.And moreover i
have given restricted user permissions to guest (/bin/bash2 -r)
Host_Alias      HOST =,
# User alias specification
# Cmnd alias specification
Cmnd_Alias      VI = /bin/vi, /usr/bin/vim, /usr/bin/passwd, /bin/ln
Cmnd_Alias      PINE = /usr/bin/pine
Cmnd_Alias      SHELLS = /bin/sh, /bin/ash, /bin/bsh, /bin/bash, \ 		
/bin/tcsh, /bin/csh                                                  

Cmnd_Alias      TP = /usr/bin/telnet, /usr/bin/ftp,
# User privilege specification
 root    ALL=(ALL) ALL
# guest restrictions
guest   HOST = /usr/guest/, !VI, !PINE, !SHELLS, !TP                

I copied the telnet and ftp binaries to /usr/guest/ directory and i
want guest to user only those.But this configuration is not working.

Can anyone help me out.

pallavi krishnamurthy
pallavi_jene at
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