Problem with netgroups on NCR system

Andre Kokot KokotA at
Fri Sep 22 01:15:06 EDT 2000


We are running NIS on HP-UX, DEC and NCR. 
Using nis netgroups and nis groups.

The sudoers file has been upgraded to handle the user section with the use
of netgroup entries
(ie +netgrpname ), rather than the long list of user aliases.

All this works fine on HP-UX and DEC but once the sudoers file moves to the
NCR platform - It don't work!

Upgraded to 1.6.3p5 and still will not working.
Modified a small sudoers file to expand on group entries (%groupname) and
all works OK.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Has any one got any ideas?
(Ok I can move to using "groups" but with the number of users and systems
the chance of someone falling into a sysadmin type group could give them
enough sudo access to do damage)

Heres a sample of the sudoers entry......

+genops         HPPROD=CMDSYS,CMDPKG
+appluser       NCRDEV=/usr/local/application/bin/


Andre Kokot

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