Different auth for different users?

mackay at kodak.com mackay at kodak.com
Fri Sep 22 08:11:43 EDT 2000

From: Scott D. MacKay

I was wondering if this was available currently in sudo:  I have 2 classes
of people: admins and users (naturally).  For regular users, I want to use
the vanilla SUDO vs local password file since the activities they can do
would be pretty trivial.

For admins, since they have more power, I want to authenticate using
SecurID.  Is there any way to say "if you are user X, use local, if you are
user Y, use SecurID" in the sudoers file?  My only (ugly) alternative is to
configure twice, choose different paths for sudoers, etc.  I would prefer
to keep it all together.


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