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john ctr kelly john.ctr.kelly at
Wed Apr 18 14:15:30 EDT 2001


     I am implementing sudo on a Linux system and I am having a problem implementing vi.  I want to restrict access to a shell which I am able to accomplish by using rvi but I can not (not sure if I can) restrict access to certain directories for editing.

Is this possible?  Without this capability, then rvi seems useless (they could overwrite the sudoers file etc).

Cmnd_Alias      SYSTOOLS  = /sbin/linuxconf, /bin/kill, /bin/rvi           this works for everything

Cmnd_Alias      SYSTOOLS  = /sbin/linuxconf, /bin/kill, /bin/rvi /home/jkelly/*   This doesnt work
I get:
Sorry, user jkelly is not allowed to execute '/bin/rvi /home/jkelly/x' as root on wkstnl05.  
when I try to edit a file in my directory by typing 
sudo rvi /home/jkelly/x

    Any help would be appreciated.

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