passwd_timeout parameter fails.

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Wed Apr 25 09:23:43 EDT 2001

You need Sudo v1.6.3 for the "Defaults" configuration file options.

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Subject: passwd_timeout parameter fails.

Hi folks,
	we have recently installed sudo (version below), and have started to
configure based on our needs. One of the things we want to do is to modify
the passwd_timeout from its default of 5 minutes. Reading the manual pages,
this appears possible by updating the visudo file:
	defaults        passwd_timeout=10

However when I save the update, sudo rejects the update:

"/usr/shared/etc/stmp" 39 lines, 1735 characters
>>> sudoers file: syntax error, line 7 <<<
What now? ?
Options are:
  (e)dit sudoers file again
  e(x)it without saving changes to sudoers file
  (Q)uit and save changes to sudoers file (DANGER!)

What now?

The syntax look ok - does anypnw have any ideas?



% sudo -V
CU Sudo version 1.5.9p3

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