sudo feature: send a message to user to whomone do sudo su - use rname

Heikki Korpela heko at
Mon Aug 13 09:30:57 EDT 2001

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Maubert, Pierre wrote:

> Hello all,
> users requested me to receive a message each time one issues the command
> sudo su - $USER.
> I have not found this feature embeedeed in sudo tool.
> Anyboby already faced this request??

I think (Todd?) there's no way to bind mailing to a single command
at the moment.

Best I can think of you could do is:

	- either write a 'su' wrapper that handles this and disallow
	  'su' itself.

	- write a sendmail wrapper that checks if people should be
	  mailed and use 'mailpath', 'mailto' and 'mail_always' in

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