Different log files in sudo?

Dana Kaempen decay at flash.net
Wed Dec 5 17:20:45 EST 2001


We need to be able to divert the logging of sudo usage into different files by user.  Can this be done?

Here's an example of what we'd like to do:

User		Logs to
------		------------
john		/usr/local/log/sudo.john
jane		/usr/local/log/sudo.jane
anyotheruser	/var/adm/sudo.log

Can this be done thru the config file and configured on a user-by-user basis?  It would be OK if we had to see john and jane's sudo entries in /var/adm/sudo.log IN ADDITION to also having them in /usr/local/log/sudo.<user>.  Mind you, we'd rather only see them in their respective logs, but I realize that may not be possible.

Thanks in advance!



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